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An Exceptional Anthology Filled with Raw Authenticity, Love and Spiritual Wisdom From Some of the Most Light-Filled Female Way-Showers.
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Filled with juicy journeys, inspirational spiritual gems, practical tools, meditations and divine guidance to find and live your life purpose at the highest level, this book is a transformational experience.

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Written by successful women of a particularly high resonance, who are not afraid to bare their soul, this book is especially suited to you if you are a woman feeling that deep inner soul stirring to break through limiting beliefs and fears to reclaim your power.The underlying message is that no matter what challenge, misfortune or trauma life throws at you, there is always the chance to turn it around, to grow from the experience, to triumph against all odds and to manifest your dreams!


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Each chapter is a deeply personal, raw and vulnerable account of one or more challenging periods in that woman’s life and how she found that deep inner courage and strength to not only break through to a higher level and to grow as a person, but also to manifest her dreams and achieve success, often phenomenally.

In meditation the angels told Michelle, “We want you to share stories of heartache, pain, hope and personal transformation. Your story is to be about how everyday women have faced challenges, maybe even hitting rock bottom emotionally and financially, and what has created the shift within them from despair and desperation to hope and courage. Inspirational stories of ordinary women facing extraordinary challenges.”

Some of the luminary co-authors include Lorraine Cohen, Deb Scott, Edie Weinstein, Christine Kloser, Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, Jesse Ann Nichols George, Helaine Harris and Kerri Kannan.

Foreword and Angel Blessing by Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney


Meet the Inspiring Co-Authors of Embraced by the Divine

EBTD - collage COLLABS Oct 2015



Praise for Embraced by the Divine


Marci Shimoff photo“Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose is filled with empowering stories of strength and courage that will inspire you to trust that there’s always hope, even in the most difficult times. This book will guide you in living your greatest life.”

~ Marci Shimoff
#1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul



“If you’re feeling alone, unloved or unsure, Embraced by the Divine will reach out and hug you, and let you know that you’ll get through this. Be inspired by its stories of women just like you, who have overcome challenge or crisis by trusting in Spirit.”

~ Fabienne Fredrickson
Founder of Boldheart.com and Author of Embrace Your Magnificence: Get out of your own way and live a fuller, richer, more abundant life


Cari Murphy headshot“Now is the time to SHINE. Now is the time to trust yourself more than ever. Need support? Dive whole-heartedly into this inspiring collection of stories to access strength, courage, and trust through dark times and embrace the immense light and brilliance within you. The words alone are intended to create energy shifts that will allow for breakthroughs at the deepest level. Rest assured you will elevate your entire experience of life by saying “yes!” to this book.”

~ Cari Murphy
Soul Success Coach, Award-Winning Media Host and International Bestselling Author of Treasures of Heaven www.CariMurphy.com

JudyOBeirn“An uplifting guide to finding hope, this is a beautiful book that I will return to again and again. I have found the stories resonant with light and love! An incredible gift to help those who are going through difficult times.”

~ Judy O’Beirn
Creator and Co-Author of Unwavering Strength, www.unwaveringstrength.com & www.hasmarkservices.com




Actual Amazon Customer Reviews:

A ‘must read’ for all serious seekers!
By Teresa W. Wolfe on December 30, 2015

I didn’t just read the book, I EXPERIENCED it. I found the essays to be poignant and powerful, and I deeply resonated with many of the stories. I said the prayers, did the meditations and the exercises. They soothed my soul. Embraced by the Divine is a truly transformative experience for all serious seekers. Thanks to Michelle and all the contributing authors for being willing to share their journeys in an effort to help us along on ours.

Amazing women in Embraced By the Divine
By Suzanne Denk, Psy.D.on December 29, 2015

I could not put this book down! I was immediately mesmerized by the brave, amazing women in Embraced By the Divine. Although from different continents, theirs is a story of commonality and community that we all share. They have courageously bared their hearts and souls to share their messages so that we may all grow from their experiences. This is a must-read book for all, one that will have a place on your bookshelf for many, many years to come.

Very Powerful and Inspiring Book For Lightworkers
By Daniel John Hanneman  on December 7, 2015

“Embraced by the Divine is a glorious contribution that demonstrates the sincere pain and struggle that light workers around the planet feel in sharing their purpose.

This book is filled with real stories of how when you surrender and listen that all the answers you need are there for you. It helps anyone going down the path of doing expanded things in the world to give them inspiration, strength, and tools to navigate what is ahead with more confidence and effectiveness. I believe Michelle has created something so powerful that it will impact countless lives around the globe through this book and the movements that are likely to naturally unfold from it.”

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Some of the Chapters from Embraced by the Divine

Summary Chapter MichelleSummary Chapter 14 Helaine












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Summary Chapter 2 LorraineSummary Chapter BrendaSummary Chapter 6 Edie












Summary Chapter 4 Jesse















MORE Praise for Embraced by the Divine


Lisa McCourt photo“Loss of love. Loss of money. Loss of life. Loss of self. None of us are immune, but few have the courage to fearlessly embrace our cataclysms and dark storms like these authors have done. Each has, in her own way, gone into the abyss and come out the other side more whole and vitally alive than she ever could have imagined. Their stories seep straight down into those raw, cobwebby soul corners where we’ve always known that our greatness is born of the darkness.”

~ Lisa McCourt
Bestselling Ghostwriter and Author of Hay House’s Juicy Joy – 7 Simple Steps to Your Glorious, Gutsy Self


Lori Leyden photo“Embraced By The Divine delivers on its promise. Reading the stories and guidance that these authentic, heart-centered, spiritually courageous women offer is a powerful path to healing and transformation.”

~ Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA
Internationally known Trauma Healing Professional, Author, Speaker, Create Global Healing (CGH) and Project LIGHT: Rwanda. www.TappingSolutionFoundation.org



Dr. Sue photo “I could not put this book down! I was immediately mesmerized by the brave, amazing women in Embraced By the Divine. Although from different continents, theirs is a story of commonality and community that we all share. They have courageously bared their hearts and souls to share their messages so that we may all grow from their experiences. This is a must-read book for all, one that will have a place on your bookshelf for many, many years to come.”

~ Suzanne Denk, Psy.D.
Bestselling Author, The Inner Circle Chronicles, 12 Intuitive Women Leaders of the New Economy, Transforming Lives and Businesses with Soul and Spirit


Joane Goulding photo“As I read your personal story and the journey that you experienced, Michelle, it brought back memories of my own. I wish this information had been available to assist me as I struggled to gain my balance with life. This book will offer much to so many souls around the world. The messages are so powerful, guiding us to know that each has the capacity to create our dreams, to bring them into reality and to take back control of our pathway.”

~ Joane Goulding
Consultant to the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, Director
Goulding Institute, Creator of the Goulding SleepTalk® process



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MORE Praise for Embraced by the Divine


jean_slatter_headshot“I found myself immediately drawn into and relating to so many of the author’s stories – Yes, I’ve been there too – we all have! The authors are real, raw, and lay everything on the table. Through their triumphs we can find hope, inspiration and renewed sense of purpose. I am already perceiving my world from a more empowered stance. Thank you to all the contributors for being willing to share your rich compelling experiences and bless the world with the Light.”

~ Jean Slatter
Author of Hiring the Heavens


Darren-Llnton-seat“This book shows that our deepest darkest hours are often the catalyst to allowing divine grace and miracles into our lives. From my own experiences, and those of many of my clients, the worst and lowest points of our lives often prove to be the start point for the greatest lessons and blessings for our lives. These heartfelt stories show that redemption, healing, peace, happiness and a better life are possible for those who reach out to the divine. Calling on the angels and the Creator can create miracles, shifts and transformation for anyone. Keep this book by you for hope and inspiration.”

~ Darren Linton
Angel channel, teaching people to connect with angels. Free angel book www.guidedbyangels.info


Ambika Devi photo“Juicy and often raw, these sisters are laying it all out to share their insights and experiences from deep within their hearts. Candid insights and sharing of life’s challenges and lessons in a plethora of styles lead us to the silver lining meaning of it all. Well worth the read more than once!”

~ Ambika Devi
Creative Dreamer, Author of Lilith



Shasta Townsend photo“How beautiful to read and receive a collection of heart-focused women who by sharing their authentic, inspiring and at times painful stories can help us all heal and step into our own Divine light. Loved it!”

~ Shasta Townsend
Author of Happy, Sexy, Shameless: What Your Mother Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees






MORE Chapters from Embraced by the Divine


Summary Chapter 16 JoanneSummary Chapter 17 Kerri












Summary Chapter JanetSummary Chapter 3 Christine













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MORE Praise for Embraced by the Divine


karen-drucker photo“…Embraced by the Divine, is a wonderful book filled with stories about faith, losing that faith, then regaining it stronger than ever before. This is a book of short stories about people who were tested in the waters of life, whose faith was challenged and whose beliefs were brought up to be looked at, scrutinized, then embraced or let go of. These are stories of ‘normal’ people who stepped up to their higher potential, moving forward even when it looked like they weren’t going anywhere. This is a book of strength, faith, and responding to a higher call that I found deeply inspirational. A must read for anyone on the path of seeking and creating their best life.”

~ Karen Drucker Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Author www.karendrucker.com


Gini Gentry photo“Gaze into the heart of a woman and what you might find is joy, edged with pain, merged with love, intertwined with fear, with courage at the core. The women who share their stories in this empowering book, embody those qualities and more. As you read their words, you may find yourself nodding along, crying with them, applauding their fortitude and sharing the soul food from the plate that they offer to nourish your own hungry heart.”

~ Gini Gentry
Bestselling Author Dreaming Down Heaven, a principle
in “Dreaming Heaven”; Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center


Mali Apple and Joe Dunn photo“By lovingly sharing the insights and transformational tools they discovered through the process of facing their greatest challenges, the authors of Embraced by the Divine offer spiritual inspiration and practical guidance for any woman who is ready to fully embrace her highest potential in every aspect of her life.”

~ Mali Apple and Joe Dunn
Authors of The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships www.TheSoulmateExperience.com





*Get a Free Chapter “Who Am I to Shine?” by Michelle Mayur from Embraced by the Divine



EVEN MORE Praise for Embraced by the Divine


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CompilingAuthor-bannerIMG_2432 Michelle 450 x 450In 2014 Michelle spontaneously received clear higher guidance that she was to write a book called Embraced by the Divine and that she was to hand-select women of a particularly high resonance to also contribute chapters to this book. Each inspirational chapter for women by women was to be a true story of how that woman had faced enormous challenges and what she had done to not only survive the experience, but to thrive from it and to grow as a person. Hence the birth of this inspirational book.

As well as her writing, Michelle co-creates transformational energetic shifts in people who are ready to make a bigger difference in the world. She specializes in assisting women to dissolve limiting beliefs and energetic blockages so they can step fully into their power, passion and purpose. Both the angelic realms and the Divine Feminine energies of Love and compassion are strongly present in her work. She is a visionary leader, international speaker and the conscious entrepreneur creator of the Heal the Healer community www.heal-the-healer.com.

After a transformational near-death experience in 1994 on the tiny equatorial island of Nauru, Michelle made a commitment to devote her life to helping others through her healing work. Since 1995, Michelle has been running her successful healing practice, Angel Wings Healing, www.angelwings-healing.com, seeing clients around the world, using her unique Goddess Isis Healing of Love™ energy healing system, angel-guided spiritual healing, mentoring and clinical hypnotherapy.

Some of her professional highlights to date have included designing and facilitating several Spiritual Egypt Tours, which included group planetary healing work in such sacred locations as the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, between the Paws of the Sphinx and at Philae Temple. She has also run healing retreats in Bali.

CONTACT MICHELLE at http://embracedbythedivine.com/contact

Order Paperback Version within Australia Here


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