EBTD 007: Activating Prosperity – Michelle Interviews Co-Author Helaine Harris

Helaine Harris Michelle Interviews Co-Author Helaine Z. Harris on Activating Prosperity


  • Helaine’s simple 7-Step Prosperity system so you can magnetize money whenever you want to
  • Be a Divine Money Magnet, beautiful guided meditation


Here’s a Sample of Helaine Harris’ Chapter “Survive to Soar – Becoming a Financial Phoenix”

“… I kept having this funny feeling in my body, my stomach was knotted and uncomfortable. I told myself I was being silly. All these people (buying properties) couldn’t be wrong. I got the message in some form that this may not be wise for me, but pushed that inner voice away and bought one property – just swept up in that frenzied energy…

Into the Financial Pit of Hell

Then the real problems with the tenants began. They didn’t take care of the house and I had to pay fines because of them. After a while, they even stopped paying rent. The excuse they gave was about medical issues, but the mortgage still had to be paid. Guess who paid it? They finally skipped town and the damage they did to the house was very costly. Just what I needed, another huge expense!

The real estate market was one of the main reasons the economy tanked. So many people were purchasing investment properties without enough financial backing. Tragically, the housing market collapsed.

In a three or four-month period in 2009, many of my clients or their partners lost their jobs or had to fold their businesses. That really hit me – my income rapidly halved. I thought it would rise again soon, it always had for me in the past. Instead, I watched my bank account rapidly dwindle. I began using my retirement money to live on.

Eventually I lost the Phoenix property. I could no longer handle two mortgages without a tenant paying rent, as well as a 50 percent loss of income. The mortgage company sold my property at a short sale and I hit rock bottom financially. Now my credit rating, which I prided myself on, was destroyed as well.

Abandoned by God

I felt abandoned by God. “Why? I’ve done so much work on me. I’ve changed me in so many ways. I’ve become softer, more loving, and much more compassionate, what else do I need to do? Spirit, so how come you didn’t help me figure things out better?” Clearly, I made some very unwise decisions. Of course, it was because I …”

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Helaine Z. Harris, LMFT, empowers heart-centered entrepreneurs to transform their life and business so it reflects their authentic self and their values. She focuses on assisting clients to magnetize love, abundance and the right clients or job to them. Helaine is an intuitive business coach, healer, psychotherapist and founder of An Awakening Center. With her 35 years’ experience and mastery of energy, Helaine has helped thousands of clients awaken and manifest their potential while increasing their abundance. Visit Helaine’s website at www.hzharris.com

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