The Number 1 Thing Stopping Your Success

By collaborator Joanne Newell

Number-1-ThingNow, I bet you read that headline and thought, “Yep, I know what Joanne’s going to say. It’s what so many leaders in the personal development world espouse – the number one thing stopping me from succeeding is myself, right? My belief in my self-worth?”

Well, in my belief system, your self-worth would be the number two “thing” stopping you from receiving success.

The biggie, the most important “thing” is this: your connection with Spirit.

The realisation that you are part of something bigger.

The knowledge that you can rely – entirely and utterly – on Spirit (also known as the Divine, God, Source, the Universe and many other inspired names).

You are a co-creator of your experience, of your life on this planet. You get to follow your desires and ask for Spirit’s support in manifesting those desires. Isn’t that spectacular?

By the way, your true desires aren’t just a “whim” – the act of you creating and receiving those desires does something profound for other people and for the planet. When you live in the cycle of creation and receiving, you expand your level of joy and consciousness, and the effects ripple out and lift the vibration of the planet.

You came from Spirit, and that life force, that essence, is within you. You get the chance to boost that essence in an unlimited way when you tap into the greater Spirit, into a power that is beyond measure.

Isn’t it fantastic to know that we can all (yes, that includes you!) tap into that? That we can call on that power in any moment?

Spirit is just waiting for us to open ourselves up to guidance. It wants success for us even more than we consciously do for ourselves.

I remember, years ago, Oprah saying that she knows that God has a bigger dream for us than we could ever dream for ourselves. Look at the amazing success that unfolded for her when she continually tapped into Spirit, followed her desires and asked how she could serve?

You don’t have to meditate or journal to tap into that power (although it sure does help), but I’d encourage you to be conscious about connecting with Spirit in everyday life.

Ask to be shown what your next step should be. Notice “coincidences” and listen to your intuition. Develop the belief that you are being watched over by a parent who is loving you deeply, watching you so proudly, encouraging you, and giving you guidance – because that is exactly what Spirit is doing for you, in every single moment of every single day.

You get to create a truly rich life by acknowledging what it is you want to experience, and then co-creating it with Spirit. So, whether it comes to creating more money, better health, better relationships or other longed-for experiences, let yourself consciously re-connect with Spirit and just watch the magic unfold…


Joanne Newell (Australia) knows, to the depths of her soul, that enlightened, spirit-driven entrepreneurial women are here to change the world. They’re here to live a full, rich life, and to help others and the planet. She also knows that money makes it possible for them to do all of this, so she helps women create an empowered money mindset. She reveals how to create a rich life, by design (in co-creation with Spirit). If you’d like to start creating a money mindset that works for you, then Joanne’s here to help.

EBTD 008: Allowing Yourself to Receive Support

Joanne Newell is a compassionate, insightful, practical and fun-loving money-mindset coach for enlightened entrepreneurial women. She’s the founder of Rich Life by Design, and she hosts one-on-one VIP days with her clients, to help them heal their money story and create a rich life, by design. Joanne, a former editor of lifestyle books, loves ‘style with substance’ – living a life that’s rich in experiences, beauty and meaning. Her mission is to help other female business owners do exactly the same.

Here’s a Sample Taste of Joanne Newell’s Revealing Chapter, Back to Health

Joanne Newell “I remember thinking at the time: ‘This is ridiculous. I can’t even look after my children properly because of my stupid back. What if they fall over and hurt themselves and I can’t help them?’

It was around this time that I also had to stop driving. My right leg was so weak from nerve damage that there was no way I could safely drive.

I had to humble myself by accepting help from other mothers at my girls’ kindergarten, who would kindly collect the girls after kindergarten sessions and take them to their homes to play with their children. Darren would then collect them after work.

I felt like a ‘bad mother,’ and, after a lifetime of being a ‘can do,’ independent person, it didn’t feel good to have to accept help and to rely on others. I knew, though, as with the trust and health lessons I was learning, this was another lesson that was revealing itself. It really is OK to accept help. You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to ‘do it all.’ ”

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Michelle Interviews Co-Author Joanne Newell

Discover why it is hard for most women to receive support physically and in other ways.

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Rev. Lorraine Cohen (United States) is internationally recognized for one heart coaching, inner grace healing and higher light channeling. A fierce advocate for her clients’ transformation, she uses her spiritual, intuitive, and healing gifts to support women to dive deeply into self–love, transmute emotional wounds and strengthen their personal connection to God to create a bold, abundant, and meaningful life. She is an international best-selling co-author, Unwavering Strength, Vol. 2 and writes for BellaMia Magazine.


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