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Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose is already a #1 Amazon BESTSELLER in Canada and Australia in Kindle and a Bestseller in multiple categories and countries. TODAY compiling author Michelle Mayur is launching the Softcover Version of this exceptional anthology filled with raw authenticity, love and spiritual wisdom from some of the most light-filled female way-showers of our time.

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Written by successful women of a particularly high resonance, who are not afraid to bare their soul, this book is especially suited to you if you are a woman feeling that deep inner soul stirring to break through limiting beliefs and fears to reclaim your power. It will appeal to you if you need inspiration and confidence to follow your dreams and fully embrace your life purpose at the highest level.

The message is that no matter what challenge, misfortune or trauma life throws at you, there is always the chance to turn it around, to grow from the experience and to triumph against all odds. Each chapter is a deeply personal, raw and vulnerable account of one or more crisis periods in that woman’s life, her Dark Night of the Soul and how, often in partnership with the Divine, she found that deep inner courage and strength to not only break through to a higher level and to grow as a person, but also to follow her dreams and achieve success, often phenomenally. The co-authors inspire readers to believe that “if these women can do it, then so can I!”

“Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose is filled with empowering stories of strength and courage that will inspire you to trust that there’s always hope, even in the most difficult times. This book will guide you in living your greatest life.” ~ Marci Shimoff #1 NY Times Bestselling Author, Happy for No Reason, Love for No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

The 16 inspirational CO-AUTHORS from 4 continents are Lorraine Cohen, Julie Ann, Deb Scott, Edie Weinstein, Jesse Ann Nichols George, Brenda Pearce, Helaine Z. Harris, Kerri Kannan, Christine Kloser, Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, Andrea Beadle, Joanne Newell, Therese Skelly, Raeline Brady, Janet Parsons and Linda Murray.

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Staying Centered in Times of Change

Michelle Interviews Co-Author Julie Ann

Julie Ann In her Embraced by the Divine chapter Julie talks about how she transcended a high anxiety condition … and how she later learned that this ability to feel energy intensely is actually a powerful spiritual gift !

When she wrote the chapter she did not realize how very important the timing of this information would be for so many people. Right now we are all being affected by recent world events. Many people are feeling anxious and fearful, and those who “feel energy” (often unknowingly) may be finding it even more challenging.

But it is possible to come back to center … to be happy and peaceful in spite of the energies surrounding us … and as we each do this we create positive change in not just our own lives, but those of our families, communities and the world.



Julie Ann (Singapore) is an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Creator of the “Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision” daily intention project, and Author of the forthcoming book, If You Are Looking for a Sign, This Is It! Julie has facilitated workshops in Malaysia, Philippines, China and Australia as well as her home base of Singapore. She has created several online global intention projects and hosted events during various worldwide meditation gatherings.

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Michelle Interviews Co-Author Linda Murray

Embracing Your Personal Power for Empowering Health and Nutrition in Plants and Animals

Linda - newLinda Murray lives in Australia after migrating from NZ. A life spent with animals through farming, working in teaching and training, as well as large construction sites has given her a wide variety of skills and stories. These stories are also part of the technique she uses to teach confidence in recognizing and tapping into messages you receive day to day. These messages can be brought through thoughts, your pets, or events throughout your day. Linda teaches the choice of earth-friendly ways and energies for step-by-step human and soil nutrition for health and vitality. Healthy soil is our legacy, our lifeblood and conduit to health. is her knowledge hub.


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EBTD 026: Hypnosis for Accessing Divine Wisdom

Hypnosis for Accessing Divine Wisdom Podcast – Michelle Mayur interviews ROY HUNTER.

Would you like to ask God or your Higher Power a question and receive an immediate answer? Roy Hunter discusses his latest book, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, which includes over 80 case summaries from highly respected hypnotherapists from around the world, including Michelle. Most of these amazing stories provide food for the soul. Tune in as Roy talks about how and why this book came into existence.

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Find Out About:

  1. What is “Spiritual Hypnosis” and how it may be able to help you;
  2. Roy’s latest book The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis to which Michelle has contributed a case study;
  3. Some fascinating case studies from the book;
  4. Why it took two decades for Roy to write this important book;
  5. Guided meditation to establish Sacred Space for healing (Roy’s hypnotic voice is sublime!)
  6. Q&A

Buy “The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis” on Amazon (paperback and Kindle)

and on Roy’s website at

Roy Hunter was certified as a hypnotherapist by Charles Tebbetts in 1983, and started a practice in the Seattle/Tacoma area. He started teaching his mentor’s 9-month professional hypnosis course in 1987 at Tacoma Community College in Washington (USA) and has taught classes and workshops over the years in 20 different countries. Although recognized for his work with parts therapy and hypnotic regression therapy, Roy teaches courses and gives presentations on other topics as well.

He is the published author of a number of books that come highly praised, including two hypnosis texts based on the work of Charles Tebbetts that are either recommended or required reading at many hypnosis schools around the world. His latest book on spiritual hypnosis was co-authored by over two dozen highly respected hypnotherapapists from around the world.

Roy has received numerous awards through the years, and was recognized for lifetime achievement by three different organizations. He is a Life Diplomate of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), and also a Diplomate of the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP).
His website is:

EBTD 004: Michelle Interviews Co-Author Andrea Beadle on Permission to be Yourself

Andrea-Beadle-NewThe lead up to menopause is a time in a woman’s life where she can find herself really examining the purpose of her life. We spend so many years of our lives being who we think we ‘should’ be but as we get older, the cracks can begin to show. Eventually menopause leads us to a phase where the only solution is to go within and follow the truth of our hearts. For women, many of the things that were previously important fall away (or disappear) and personal growth becomes a huge driving force. We often find ourselves looking for our purpose and more meaning in our lives. This was the case for Andrea and it was a journey she was catapulted into without much warning or preparation!

  • Symptoms of having lost yourself
  • The process of transformation
  • Knowing who you are and finding your truth
  • The gifts of menopause

A Sample Taste of Andrea’s Inspiring Chapter, Listening to the Voice Within

“I could never have imagined how much of a struggle it would be to balance all the different areas of my life! How could a successful career girl find it so difficult? I found myself being pulled in all different directions … feeling guilty when I was at work and not being able to concentrate on my son fully when I wasn’t.

The house was a mess, I battled the baby blues and all the time I was wishing I could be at home, like many of my friends in more fortunate financial circumstances.

I knew that I needed to leave my job. My heart told me, my gut told me and yet I couldn’t! I didn’t know how. I didn’t believe I could! …

But I knew something had to change. I knew I was dying inside and I ignored it. Not because I didn’t want things to change but because I didn’t know how. My days at work were painfully dull. I was tired, irritable and sometimes it felt as if my whole world was being dragged slowly into a black hole and I was powerless to escape its pull. Deep down I knew that something had to drastically change.

And it did!

Slowly my health began to trouble me. I didn’t know what was happening but each month I began to experience increasingly more painful periods. They began to get so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without taking strong painkillers first.

The pain often made me sick, sometimes I would pass out, and, for a few days each month, the crippling pain meant I couldn’t function without strong painkillers. I began to have to take time off work and although I knew something wasn’t right, I soldiered on regardless.

Until one day I read an article about endometriosis. The words hit me like a bolt of lightning and I knew this was what I was suffering from.

In February 2010 there followed a rapid surgical diagnosis that left me totally reeling. The second child that we had hoped for was never going to happen and I was told that I would need a total hysterectomy.

Shocked, I retreated into a period where I wallowed in self-pity.

There was something about being told I needed a hysterectomy that… ”

Buy Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose at to read the full chapter and all the other inspiring and empowering chapters.


Andrea Beadle (United Kingdom) helps heart-centered entrepreneurs find their purpose and create the business that is the expression of their soul. She believes that your business will only grow as far as you grow as an individual and, using Higher Guidance Coaching, helps you to break through the beliefs that are holding you back so that you can have a healthy life and a healthy business. She is creating the Heart Business Academy for heart-centered entrepreneurs at

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EBTD 003: Brenda Lainof Interviews Michelle about her Angel Connections

www.eyesoflestage--5Brenda Lainof of Brenda’s Mindful Healing Show interviews Michelle about the intriguing inspiration behind the Embraced by the Divine book. Michelle also talks about the many ways angels are trying to get our attention and some of the best ways to develop a relationship with our angels to be able to use their guidance in all aspects of our life for more ease, Grace and flow.

In her regular radio show at Brenda Lainof interviews and explores options for the audience as to their self-healing. People who are looking for choices and options to compliment their existing healing path.

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EBTD 002: Cracking Open – Michelle Interviews Co-Author Edie Weinstein

Edietree1What do you do when life cracks you open? It could be as a result of illness, injury, death, relationship shifts, financial challenges, job loss. Change is one constant in our lives. We have a choice as to whether we duck and cover, or stand vulnerably naked with our hearts exposed.
  • Moving from challenge to choice
  • Deepening by facing fierce fears
  • Peeling off the layers to reveal the real
  • Beautiful Open Heart Therapy guided meditation process


A Sample Taste of Edie Weinstein’s Chapter, Authenticity – Revealing the Real

“I came to the gathering with an intention to explore a longstanding issue. On December 21, I noted the 15th anniversary of my husband’s death. I honor what Michael and I shared in the 12 years we were together, as we co-published Visions Magazine from 1988–1998, which seed-planted the crop that became my career as a journalist. I acknowledge the joys and sorrows, the pain and pleasure we experienced as perfectly imperfect soul mates who unpacked our baggage with each other, butted heads and blended hearts. Since then, I have had short-term relationships and (mostly) exquisite lovers (with a few “Oops, what the heck was I thinking?” men tossed into the mix), but have not met anyone with whom I could imagine sharing a life. I have been doing a great deal of inner work, figuring out what a healthy relationship could look like, since I have been on my own for so long. I wanted the group’s guidance for sorting through the piles and stacks of stuff that were standing in the way of what I both craved and cowered to anticipate. I have an amazing life, filled with friends who are my treasures, unlimited creative outlets, extraordinary adventures and an attitude of gratitude that fuels it all. And yet, there is wistfulness, asking “What’s wrong with this picture that I haven’t yet found someone with whom I can share the wealth?”

As I began to speak, I noticed that my throat felt like it was closing up and my solar plexus seemed constricted. I asked the group to take a few deep breaths with me and let out a sigh/moan in unison. It was a freeing experience that allowed me to express what was on my mind and in my heart. My friend Janet, who has known me the longest, spoke up and pointed out, ‘I notice you use the word tap-dancing a lot.’ I often describe myself as, ‘Little Shirley Temple, tap-dancing for approval,’ a pattern that developed in childhood. She then asked me to put those words into action by literally tap-dancing while I continued talking about my feelings of being the caregiver in most of my relationships with men. I had a fear that no man was strong enough to support me emotionally. In very short order, I noticed myself getting winded and tired and my friends encouraged me to continue both tapping and speaking. I did that until the tears began to flow. They had asked me what else I wanted, in addition to this relationship. I told them I wanted to …”

Buy Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose at to read the full chapter and all the other inspiring and empowering chapters.


Edie Weinstein, LSW is a colorfully creative journalist, inspiring transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, radio host, BLISS Coach and the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into the Extraordinary. She calls herself an Opti-Mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility.

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EBTD 023: Angel Encounters in Everyday Life

Collaborator Brenda Pearce Interviews Michelle Mayur on the E Factor Network

Brenda Pearce Michelle-Mayur-Crop


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EBTD 015: Connecting More with Your Angels and Making Your Dreams Come True

Co-Author Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard interviews Michelle Mayur

IMG_2432 Michelle 450 x 450EPSON DSC pictureA really juicy and free-flowing conversation with Sage and Michelle that delves into the backstory of Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose.

Michelle also talks about the presence of angels in her life and work and just how easy it can be to communicate with them. She will give you key tips to help you connect to the angels and let you know how the angels may already be trying to get your attention!

Michelle Mayur (Australia), is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and co-creates transformational energetic shifts in women who are ready to make a bigger difference in the world. She assists women to dissolve limiting beliefs and energetic blockages so they can step fully into their Power, Passion and Purpose. She is the founder of the Heal the Healer community, Globally, Michelle specializes in her unique Goddess Isis Healing of Love™ energy healing system, angel-guided spiritual healing, and clinical hypnotherapy

Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard (United States), known as The Prosperous Goddess™, is a 6-figure Intuitive Abundance Acceleration Coach, Archangel Michael channel, shamanic Intuitive Miracle (I AM) healer and Reiki Master and Teacher. Acclaimed author of The Radical Self-Love Guidebook and the creator of “Angelic Abundance Activator,” voted #1 WORLD’S BEST LAW OF ATTRACTION PROGRAM, Sage passionately empowers heart-centered women to manifest more love & abundance!


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