Stepping Out of the Shadows

Leanne-Williams-HTHSomething I learned early on as an only child was to hide away in the shadows. It kept me from getting caught in the crossfire between my parents arguing in their dysfunctional marriage. Invisibility was my friend. It kept me out of trouble and offered me protection from what felt like a very unsafe world.

Sometimes friends stay with us throughout our life, while at other times they serve their purpose with us and then we let them go. In my case, I held onto Invisibility as my constant companion for far too long, hiding in the shadows where I could go unnoticed, safe from judgment and criticism.

Each year at school my teachers were constantly amazed that although I was so quiet in class I actually got consistent straight A’s on exams. I realized I was way too sensitive, an easy target for bullying, as well as feeling different to everyone else and too scared to even speak up and express an opinion. Public speaking was definitely a far greater fear for me than death.

So how did I turn things around to the point where I now feel quite comfortable speaking in front of audiences around the world on many topics, including those that some might consider rather “woo-woo,” such as how to communicate with angels and connect to Divine Guidance?

From my teens I was passionate about a vocation helping people seen as the underdog. Perhaps it was because I really wanted someone to help me. I definitely wasn’t part of the in-crowd. Bit by bit I discovered I could do things that other people couldn’t, but which for me felt perfectly normal. My sensitivity was the forerunner to my intuitive and psychic gifts beginning to open. The spiritual books and guided meditations I was drawn to – not to mention the life-size apparition of my deceased mother appearing to me one night – helped to open me up rapidly. My passionate enthusiasm for learning and reading everything spiritual connected me to my soul’s yearning to teach, especially how to teach energy healing that channels healing energy from a higher source.

I was being given a “divine shove” to say goodbye to my Invisibility friend once and for all and to start teaching others the spiritual knowledge I was amassing. The very first time I was to give someone a Reiki initiation I was so filled with fear that my tummy gurgled loudly all the way through the 20 minute initiation!

Committed to my daily spiritual practice, including meditation and energy self-healing, things began to move quicker and quicker. More workshops were taught as well as facilitating overseas healing retreats and even Spiritual Egypt Tours. I reached deep inside to find the courage to push myself a bit further out of my comfort zone every day, no matter how uncomfortable it felt at the time. Baby steps, baby steps…

Whether you are following your life purpose or need a bit of a divine shove to align with it, one thing you learn is that the only thing that is constant is Change! None of us are immune. Eventually I got a strong nudge to take my healing business global, meaning I would need to be talking in front of large groups online to promote my work and for people to get to know me. Being completely authentic, open and exposed with the probability of being judged and possibly humiliated by strangers was incredibly scary. I felt the presence of angels holding me and whispering lovingly to me, “You can do this Michelle. You can do this.”

Was it easy to take my business global? No way! It meant dealing with constant levels of fear that would emerge each time I was shifting vibrationally to a higher level. Was it scary that I found myself with spiritual gifts that allowed me to scan a person’s energy field from the other side of the world and give that person detailed feedback on what I was being shown by the angelic realms and then facilitate incredible healing work with that person as I witnessed the angels working on her directly? You bet! I still have no idea how I manage to do this, but I can just effortlessly tune into the right “frequency” to tap into all this information.

My daily Inner Work through my spiritual practice has been the key to the success I now enjoy globally, as I continue to confront and love every part of myself to wholeness, even those suffering parts that other people term their “shadow.”

One of my favorite quotes is from A Course in Miracles, “If you knew who walks beside you on this path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” Every day I embody greater Faith and Trust about who walks with me. I feel myself truly embraced by the Divine. Even publishing my new book Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose, I hear the angels whispering lovingly to me, “You can do this Michelle. You can do this.” There is no need to hide in the shadows anymore.


Michelle Mayur, in partnership with the Divine, co-creates transformational energetic shifts in people who are ready to make a bigger difference in the world. She specializes in assisting women to dissolve limiting beliefs and energetic blockages so they can step fully into their Power, Passion and Purpose. Both the angelic realms and the Divine Feminine energies of Love and compassion are strongly present in her work. Compiling author of “Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose,” she is a visionary leader, international speaker and the conscious entrepreneur creator of the Heal the Healer community

EBTD 026: Hypnosis for Accessing Divine Wisdom

Hypnosis for Accessing Divine Wisdom Podcast – Michelle Mayur interviews ROY HUNTER.

Would you like to ask God or your Higher Power a question and receive an immediate answer? Roy Hunter discusses his latest book, The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis, which includes over 80 case summaries from highly respected hypnotherapists from around the world, including Michelle. Most of these amazing stories provide food for the soul. Tune in as Roy talks about how and why this book came into existence.

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Find Out About:

  1. What is “Spiritual Hypnosis” and how it may be able to help you;
  2. Roy’s latest book The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis to which Michelle has contributed a case study;
  3. Some fascinating case studies from the book;
  4. Why it took two decades for Roy to write this important book;
  5. Guided meditation to establish Sacred Space for healing (Roy’s hypnotic voice is sublime!)
  6. Q&A

Buy “The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis” on Amazon (paperback and Kindle)

and on Roy’s website at

Roy Hunter was certified as a hypnotherapist by Charles Tebbetts in 1983, and started a practice in the Seattle/Tacoma area. He started teaching his mentor’s 9-month professional hypnosis course in 1987 at Tacoma Community College in Washington (USA) and has taught classes and workshops over the years in 20 different countries. Although recognized for his work with parts therapy and hypnotic regression therapy, Roy teaches courses and gives presentations on other topics as well.

He is the published author of a number of books that come highly praised, including two hypnosis texts based on the work of Charles Tebbetts that are either recommended or required reading at many hypnosis schools around the world. His latest book on spiritual hypnosis was co-authored by over two dozen highly respected hypnotherapapists from around the world.

Roy has received numerous awards through the years, and was recognized for lifetime achievement by three different organizations. He is a Life Diplomate of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), and also a Diplomate of the Association of Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP).
His website is:

EBTD 004: Michelle Interviews Co-Author Andrea Beadle on Permission to be Yourself

Andrea-Beadle-NewThe lead up to menopause is a time in a woman’s life where she can find herself really examining the purpose of her life. We spend so many years of our lives being who we think we ‘should’ be but as we get older, the cracks can begin to show. Eventually menopause leads us to a phase where the only solution is to go within and follow the truth of our hearts. For women, many of the things that were previously important fall away (or disappear) and personal growth becomes a huge driving force. We often find ourselves looking for our purpose and more meaning in our lives. This was the case for Andrea and it was a journey she was catapulted into without much warning or preparation!

  • Symptoms of having lost yourself
  • The process of transformation
  • Knowing who you are and finding your truth
  • The gifts of menopause

A Sample Taste of Andrea’s Inspiring Chapter, Listening to the Voice Within

“I could never have imagined how much of a struggle it would be to balance all the different areas of my life! How could a successful career girl find it so difficult? I found myself being pulled in all different directions … feeling guilty when I was at work and not being able to concentrate on my son fully when I wasn’t.

The house was a mess, I battled the baby blues and all the time I was wishing I could be at home, like many of my friends in more fortunate financial circumstances.

I knew that I needed to leave my job. My heart told me, my gut told me and yet I couldn’t! I didn’t know how. I didn’t believe I could! …

But I knew something had to change. I knew I was dying inside and I ignored it. Not because I didn’t want things to change but because I didn’t know how. My days at work were painfully dull. I was tired, irritable and sometimes it felt as if my whole world was being dragged slowly into a black hole and I was powerless to escape its pull. Deep down I knew that something had to drastically change.

And it did!

Slowly my health began to trouble me. I didn’t know what was happening but each month I began to experience increasingly more painful periods. They began to get so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning without taking strong painkillers first.

The pain often made me sick, sometimes I would pass out, and, for a few days each month, the crippling pain meant I couldn’t function without strong painkillers. I began to have to take time off work and although I knew something wasn’t right, I soldiered on regardless.

Until one day I read an article about endometriosis. The words hit me like a bolt of lightning and I knew this was what I was suffering from.

In February 2010 there followed a rapid surgical diagnosis that left me totally reeling. The second child that we had hoped for was never going to happen and I was told that I would need a total hysterectomy.

Shocked, I retreated into a period where I wallowed in self-pity.

There was something about being told I needed a hysterectomy that… ”

Buy Embraced by the Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose at to read the full chapter and all the other inspiring and empowering chapters.


Andrea Beadle (United Kingdom) helps heart-centered entrepreneurs find their purpose and create the business that is the expression of their soul. She believes that your business will only grow as far as you grow as an individual and, using Higher Guidance Coaching, helps you to break through the beliefs that are holding you back so that you can have a healthy life and a healthy business. She is creating the Heart Business Academy for heart-centered entrepreneurs at

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EBTD 003: Brenda Lainof Interviews Michelle about her Angel Connections

www.eyesoflestage--5Brenda Lainof of Brenda’s Mindful Healing Show interviews Michelle about the intriguing inspiration behind the Embraced by the Divine book. Michelle also talks about the many ways angels are trying to get our attention and some of the best ways to develop a relationship with our angels to be able to use their guidance in all aspects of our life for more ease, Grace and flow.

In her regular radio show at Brenda Lainof interviews and explores options for the audience as to their self-healing. People who are looking for choices and options to compliment their existing healing path.

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