EBTD 008: Allowing Yourself to Receive Support

Joanne Newell is a compassionate, insightful, practical and fun-loving money-mindset coach for enlightened entrepreneurial women. She’s the founder of Rich Life by Design http://www.richlifebydesign.com/, and she hosts one-on-one VIP days with her clients, to help them heal their money story and create a rich life, by design. Joanne, a former editor of lifestyle books, loves ‘style with substance’ – living a life that’s rich in experiences, beauty and meaning. Her mission is to help other female business owners do exactly the same.

Here’s a Sample Taste of Joanne Newell’s Revealing Chapter, Back to Health

Joanne Newell “I remember thinking at the time: ‘This is ridiculous. I can’t even look after my children properly because of my stupid back. What if they fall over and hurt themselves and I can’t help them?’

It was around this time that I also had to stop driving. My right leg was so weak from nerve damage that there was no way I could safely drive.

I had to humble myself by accepting help from other mothers at my girls’ kindergarten, who would kindly collect the girls after kindergarten sessions and take them to their homes to play with their children. Darren would then collect them after work.

I felt like a ‘bad mother,’ and, after a lifetime of being a ‘can do,’ independent person, it didn’t feel good to have to accept help and to rely on others. I knew, though, as with the trust and health lessons I was learning, this was another lesson that was revealing itself. It really is OK to accept help. You don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to ‘do it all.’ ”

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Michelle Interviews Co-Author Joanne Newell

Discover why it is hard for most women to receive support physically and in other ways.

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