Lovingly Letting You Go

Deep loss without purpose remains deep loss.  In lovingly letting go of the precious piece of my life…  my son, I know a piece of my life is even more Embraced By The Divine.    …. Brenda Pearce, RN

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Mystical Moments with Lorraine Cohen

Lorraine Cohen new photoBrenda Pearce

Both collaborators in Embraced by the Divine, Brenda Pearce interviews Rev. Lorraine Cohen

Rev Lorraine Cohen joins Brenda Pearce on E Factor Radio. This is a love-filled event in which she discusses the serendipity of our mutually co-authored book Embraced by the Divine. Talking about the importance of creating meaningful relationships in which we share authenticity from the heart. An amazing heart sharing and activation included in this call. Don’t miss the raw honesty of this call event.